CAIR-WA Victories

Public school employee allowed time for Hajj

In a swift and victorious case, an employee of a public school district in Washington State was allowed to take three weeks off for Hajj, after CAIR-WA intervened. The employee contacted CAIR-WA after verbally discussing vacation... continue reading

$15k awarded to discrimination victim

After years of ongoing harassment and discrimination in a local school district, a Muslim man found relief from years of suffering, after he finally saw his complaints fully addressed with the assistance of CAIR-WA and an attorney in CAIR-WA's pro bono network... continue reading

IT exec contacted by FBI, assisted by CAIR-WA attorney

A local Muslim IT executive called CAIR-WA to report that an FBI agent visited his home, spoke with his wife, gave her a business card and asked her to have her husband call when he returns. She and her husband called CAIR-WA knowing the importance of having an attorney present... continue reading