Ways to show your support and be an ally

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There are many different ways that you can show your support for the Muslim persons in your life.

Here are some easy ways you might demonstrate your support that fit naturally into most people’s lives:

Take every opportunity to speak publicly and vocally about the lives and contributions of your Muslim friends and family, and the issues they face.

Take 10 minutes to e-mail editors of national newspapers and call-in to radio shows to educate millions of readers/listeners! We’ve made it easy! CLICK HERE for key messages to use. CLICK HERE for templates of language to use. CLICK HERE to find e-mail addresses of editors of major newspapers.

Find out if your school or employer has a clear religious accommodations policy. If not, encourage the organization’s leadership to adopt one.  CAIR can provide ideas.

Find opportunities to talk openly with your non-Muslim family and friends about the lives and contributions of your Muslim friends and family, and the issues they face.

Make sure that you include your Muslim loved one and her/his family in events and activities just as you would any other friends.

Don’t allow anti-Muslim statements in media or by religious figures and politicians to go unchallenged.

Don’t allow anti-Muslim jokes or statements expressed in your presence to go unchallenged.

Create social settings that bring your non-Muslim and Muslim friends and family together.

Get involved with Muslim community groups and Muslim community/rights campaigns and contact your elected officials about ensuring equal protection under the law for American Muslims.

Join American Muslim community causes or groups on Facebook and through other social networking opportunities.

Attend Eid celebrations and other American Muslim community events.

Demonstrate your open support by displaying a “My best friend is an American Muslim” bumper sticker, mug or poster, or similar items from other local or national organizations.

Visit the CAIR National website at www.cair.com for information on local meetings and CAIR public education programs across the country.